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Intonaco Di Terra- Roccia Forte (Coarse)

Intonaco Di Terra- Roccia Forte (Coarse)

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Our Roccia Forte Decorative Venetian plaster is Coarse and reflective and is developed with the purest form of Kaolin clay known as Kaolin Grolleg or China clay that has been blended with marble powder, coarse marble sand and special additives for added adhesion and hardness. Kaolin clay is much safer to work with, is more ph neutral, zero voc and ecologically friendly to the environment. There is no use of kilns or production of carbon dioxide in the making of Roccia. This plaster comes in two different grades, fine and coarse in a cream white base that can be tinted. Roccia can be used on interiors only and should be applied in a minimum of 2 coats. The coarse grade of Roccia plaster is used if you want a more robust finish, with more pitting and tears due to the large size of the grains. The larger grains of marble, also create a higher build, and allow for heavier coats that will cover more imperfections, heavy texture coats, or float finishes that pull the grains and create swirl looks etc. The fine version is more refined, and will allow for a more compact, polished and closed pore look. The smaller grains create a slightly thinner profile, will help to create tighter skip trowel finishes, old world looks, smooth or sponge finishes. The final appearance of Roccia can have distressed stone effects, matte to satin finishes and coarse old world finishes or skip trowel effects. Unlike our Vp Satin series, our clay plasters have a mechanical set vs a chemical set and can be easily cleaned and fixed for repairs by using water to soften the clay. The working times of our clay plasters are longer than lime based plasters and can be kept wet with water to eliminate cold joints etc.

Roccia can be modified for extra durability and ease of use, especially for base coats. Simply add a prepackaged amount of lime provided with your plaster prior to mixing with water to create a slight chemical set that helps in durability and keeps your base layer from wetting out and becoming difficult to work on or to help novice applicators.

Pro Tip: Kaolin is softer than lime when dry and will polish to a glass like shine using a wool bonnet and a cut polisher. 

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Microcement Synergy

Introducing our newest Microcement coating that is waterproof, ultra durable and razor thin producing smooth mottled surfaces similar to Venetian plaster. This microcement can be used on floors, walls, countertops, showers etc and represents the latest in decorative coating technologies.

Microcement Synergy applies over at least one layer of our microcement floor fine or one layer of Microcement fine / x-fine Wall and Shower.

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  • Canadian made plaster with local ingredients made in beautiful British Columbia.

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